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Samuel Symmank

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On this site you can find the descendants, each with four generations, I know of Samuel Symmank (born 1848) and his wife Maria Zwahr (born 1851). By clicking on the names you can get a site with the descendants of the particular person.

Additionally, there are also known some ancestors of Samuel Symmank (born 1848).

Most of the data I found in the internet (among others at ancestry.com).

Probably, there are several mistakes and certainly a lot of gaps. Therefore, I would appreciate each correction or addition.

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"born: after" means, that at least the year of birth is known.

1) Emma Clementina SYMMANK (born: 25 Aug 1871 in Serbin,Tx)
oo Carl August HOHLE (born: 09 Mär 1866 in Serbin,Tx - died: 13 Jun 1901 in The Grove,Tx)
2) Alma Selma Wilhelmine HOHLE (born: 07 Jun 1899 in The Grove,Tx)
2) Emil Carl Gerhard HOHLE (born: 01 Okt 1900 in Moffatt,Tx - died: 23 Jan 1929 in Loebau,Tx)
oo Emma Theresia HERZOG (born: ? in ?)
oo Johann Ernst HOHLE (born: 17 Sep 1861 in Serbin,Tx - died: 14 Jun 1922 in Loebau,Tx)
2) Ernst Albert Samuel HOHLE (born: 30 Jun 1903 in Loebau,Tx)
oo Marie Louise FRITSCHE (born: 10 Nov 1903 in Lee Co.,Tx)
3) Friedrich A. HOHLE (born: after 1908)
2) Johann Otto Samuel HOHLE (born: 16 Mai 1905 in Loebau,Tx)
2) Johann Emil Gerhard HOHLE (born: 15 Aug 1907 in Loebau,Tx)
2) Minna Emma Maria HOHLE (born: after 1908)
oo August Johann LEHMANN (born: ? in ?)
oo Heinrich Carl NUTSCHAN (born: ? in ?)
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