My favourite links

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My favourite websites:
Everything over the city: Düsseldorf (Trade Fair, Airport, Uni, Radio, Info, Google).
There I studied: faculty physics of the university Münster (City, Google).
The fantastic world of the Apfelmännchen - Mandelbrot-Set (Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Google).
If I don't have anything better to do, I try to build german anagrams (Business, Generator de, Generator en, Google).
Otherwise I read Stephen King (official Website, Google),
watch Star Trek on TV (official Website, Google)
or hold it with Garfield: being lazy! (Asterix, Werner, Uli Stein)
One of my favourite actors: Harrison Ford (another Website, Google)
One of my favourite musicians: Peter Gabriel (Google)
Basketball: I love this Game N B A (german Sports, US Sport)

Further interesting websites:
Who still knows the locomotive 1414? >>> Here you find it!
Justus (Jupiter), Peter, Bob out of Rocky Beach are: The three investigators (german Website, another Website, german Audio-Play-Website, Google).
The best of Sting und The Police (Google).
Always up to date in Physics: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.
Today it goes to the natural history museum: Senkenberg in Frankfurt
I see the starlit skies: Hubble-Teleskop
Just one more thing: Inspector Columbo (Google).
Who got when and for what an Oscar? (Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Science).
All about the famous Nobel Prize.

Actors in the Internet:
Tinker freak MacGyver alias Richard Dean Anderson (Google).
He probably can count further than Seven: Brad Pitt (Google).
There are even the lambs silent: Jodie Foster (Google).
All about the agent 007: James Bond (another Website, Google).
Sigourney Weaver loves Aliens (Google).
Good morning Robin Williams! (Google).
Commissars at the Tatort (TV series).
The best movie database of the world: IMDB.

Animals in the im Internet:
Tropical, loud and multicolored: Parrots
Scary, beautiful network webers: Spiders
Hopefully will not become extinct: Whales
Leftover from the dinosaur time: Crocodiles
There are animals, which do not exist: Cryptozoology

In case of questions or suggestions just write an Email to me.