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Georg Ssymank

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On this site you can find the descendants, each with four generations, I know of Georg Ssymank (born 1810) and his wife Christiane Schulze (born 1813). By clicking on the names you can get a site with the descendants of the particular person.

I also have some informations about four other Symank-families in Germany.

At present there are known five families named Sy-i-m(m)ank, who emigrated in the 19. century to the USA.

Up to now no connection to my family could be found.

Probably, there are several mistakes and certainly a lot of gaps. Therefore, I would appreciate each correction or addition.

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"born: after" means, that at least the year of birth is known.

1) Anna SSYMANK (born: ? in ?)
oo Andreas MAKATSCH (born: 22 Jan 1846 in ? - died: 16 Dez 1895 in Steinitz,Lohsa)
2) Karl August MAKATSCH (born: 28 Sep 1876 in Steinitz,Lohsa)
2) Helene MAKATSCH (born: 04 Mär 1879 in Steinitz,Lohsa)
2) Johann August MAKATSCH (born: 18 Feb 1887 in Steinitz,Lohsa)
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