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Caspar Heinrich Tiemann

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After April 1999 I regularly corresponded for some time with Scott Holl from Chicago in Illinois. He is a descendant of the branch Tiemann out of the Meyer zum Vorwalde line.
One part of the Tiemann who emigrated to the USA further occupied themselves with the ancestral research and recorded all descendants of this branch. Most of the descendants are listed in a database.

On this site you can see the results, each with four generations, of their research until about the midth of the eighties. By clicking on the names you can get a site with the descendants of the particular person.

Probably, there are several mistakes and certainly a lot of gaps. Therefore, I would appreciate each correction or addition.

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"born: after" means, that at least the year of birth is known.

1) Martha Marie Dorothea WOLTING (born: 15 Sep 1892 in Lincoln,Ks - died: 14 Feb 1958 in ?)
oo Harry H. HOLL (born: 24 Feb 1893 in Lincoln,Ks)
2) Royal G. HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Eleanor Maxwell OWEN (born: after 1908)
oo Virginia EASTERLING (born: after 1908)
2) Laverne Gilbert HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Marjorie Eileen WALTERS (born: 01 Sep 1923 in ? - died: 04 Apr 1981 in ?)
3) Steven Crandall HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Lola Mae SIMPSON (born: after 1908)
3) Scott Tyler HOLL (born: after 1908)
2) Alfred Orland HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Ida Louise LUCE (born: after 1908)
3) Carol Ann HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Nicholas Paul LANG (born: after 1908)
4) Christopher Paul LANG (born: after 1908)
3) Barbara Jeanne HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Randy Gene PAINTER (born: after 1908)
4) Jennifer Michelle PAINTER (born: after 1908)
2) Leonard Waldemar HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Doris Elsie WOLFORD (born: after 1908)
3) Robert Len HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Marsha Lynn KIRK (born: after 1908)
2) Delbert HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Betty Lee WHITE (born: 22 Okt 1927 in ? - died: 19 Dez 1980 in ?)
3) Randy Joe HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Darla May EVERHART (born: after 1908)
4) Michelle Danielle HOLL (born: after 1908)
3) Cynthia Lou HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Lee Martin KLIER (born: after 1908)
4) Jason Lee KLIER (born: after 1908)
4) Ryan KLIER (born: after 1908)
oo Arlen GERLEMAN (born: after 1908)
4) Nicole Dawne GERLEMAN (born: after 1908)
2) Harold Henry HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Fay Elizabeth CLEMENCE (born: after 1908)
3) Laura Lynn HOLL (born: after 1908)
3) Michelle Maria HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Tod Owen STEVENSON (born: after 1908)
2) Raymond Orville HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Joyce Marie HAMILTON (born: after 1908)
3) Leon Harold HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo Ann Renee SILSBY (born: after 1908)
4) Adam Douglas HOLL (born: after 1908)
4) Aaron Jude HOLL (born: after 1908)
3) Cheryl Christine HOLL (born: after 1908)
oo David Laurence HOFFMAN (born: after 1908)
oo Howard H. HOCKMAN (born: after 1908)
4) Tina Marie HOCKMAN (born: after 1908)
3) Lawrence Leslie HOLL (born: after 1908)
3) Elizabeth Arlene HOLL (born: after 1908)
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