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On this site you can find the descendants, each with four generations, der Descendants of Arndt Holkamp (born in the 16. century) and his wife Töbe Meyer zum Vorwalde (born in the 16. century). By clicking on the names you can get a site with the descendants of the particular person.

The data came from a small booklet, which was compiled by the family Meyer zum Vorwalde and was published in the end of 1927. My Great-Grandfather August Friedrich Pelster had got one copy of this booklet.

One family of the branch Tiemann emigrated to the USA and there they went on compiling their descendants.

Probably, there are several mistakes and certainly a lot of gaps. Therefore, I would appreciate each correction or addition.

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"born: after" means, that at least the year of birth is known.

1) Töbe MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: ? in ?)
oo Arndt HOLTKAMP (born: ? in ? - died: 1613 in ?)
2) Evert MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: 1579 in ? - died: 1661 in ?)
oo Anna ??? (born: 1590 in ? - died: Vor 03 Dez 1677 in ?)
3) Theodorus MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: Vor 12 Sep 1632 in Vorwalde)
3) Ebbeke MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: ? in ? - died: Nac 16 Dez 1712 in ?)
oo Sibylle LINEMANN (born: ? in ? - died: Nac 03 Apr 1701 in ?)
4) Herbert MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: 1656 in Vorwalde - died: 09 Mai 1746 in Vorwalde)
4) Anna Maria MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: 1671 in Vorwalde - died: 10 Apr 1751 in Stirpe,Ostercappeln)
oo Johann MEYER ZU STIRPE (born: 1666 in ? - died: 25 Mär 1754 in ?)
4) Johann Christopher MEYER ZUM VORWALDE (born: 1673 in Vorwalde - died: 11 Jan 1737 in Vorwalde)
oo An Elisabeth BAR VOM HASSEBROCK (born: 1679 in ? - died: 29 Mai 1749 in Vorwalde)
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