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Sport: '78-'81 Swimming with the SC Bodenteich, up to the district level
'82-'91 Handball with the Hankensbüttler SV, in the A-youth (17 to 19 years old): Oberliga with the VFL Wittingen
'91-'99 Handball, Basketball and Volleyball in the university sport
daily riding my bicycle to the university (approx. 6,5 km) and of course back
'96-'97 Handball with the Marathon Münster
'97-'99 Handball with the SC Nienberge
'99-'00 daily riding my bicycle to the job (approx. 5,5 km) and of course back
'00- daily riding my bicycle to the job (approx. 2,5 km) and of course back
in '01 Basketball with a hobby-group
'02- Dragonboat canoeing with the Funny Dragons
'02-03 Badminton with one hobby-group
'03- Badminton with two hobby-groups

german audio plays: here The three Investigators It began on Christmas '81 and meanwhile I have all german episodes on cassette.
Locomotive 1414 My very first cassette "Lok 1414 geht auf Urlaub" ("Locomotive 1414 goes on vacation"). Up to now I know 11 different stories.

Pfennige: here J.1 (1873-1889), J.10 (1890-1916), J.300 (1916-1918),
J.306 (1923-1924), J.313 (1924-1936), J.361 (1936-1940),
J.369 (1940-1945), J.373 (1945-1946)
Kaiserreich, Weimarer Republik, Deutsches Reich
J.376 (1948-1949), J.380 (1950-2001) Bundesrepublik Deutschland
J.1501 (1948-1950), J.1505 (1952-1953), J.1508 (1960-1990) Deutsche Demokratische Republik

Reading: here Stephen King Meanwhile I have almost his complete work in my shelves.
Adrian Plass Christian literature with a lot of humor for everyone.
Crime novels among others Patricia Highsmith (Tom Ripley) and Gunnar Staalesen (Varg Veum)
Sachbücher among others Douglas R. Hofstadter "Gödel, Escher, Bach - ein endlos geflochtenes Band" ("Gödel, Escher, Bach - an eternal golden braid")

Solving riddles: here Logical riddles of P.M. Logik-Trainer
Crossword puzzle: "Eckstein - Um die Ecke gedacht" out of the ZEITMAGAZIN
and further riddles

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Bought on: 28. November '02 Computer
Producer: MAXDATA Computer GmbH
operating system: Windows XP Home
Windows 98 SE
Suse Linux 9.0 Personal
Processor: Intel PENTIUM 4 mit 2,4 GHz, 400FSB
Memory: 512 MB PC133
Harddisk: Western Digital 80GB
DVD / CD-RW: Toshiba Combo-LW 16/10/12/40x
Graphic card: SiS650 on the ASUS Motherboard
Soundcard: SiS7012 on the ASUS Motherboard
Modem/ISDN: Teledat X120 of t-com
Monitor: Belinea 107010, 17 inch of MAXDATA Computer GmbH
Printer: Hewlett Packard DeskJet 690C
Scanner: Scanjet 4470C of Hewlett Packard

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In case of questions or suggestions just write an Email to me.