The german audio plays of the
Locomotive 1414

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The tape with the three stories about the Locomotive 1414 was my first cassette at all. It must have been around 1974 or 1975 as I got this tape. Annoyingly I lost it sometime or other, but later I found replacement at eBay (Germany).
Inventor of this small steam locomotive was Friedrich Feld. Meanwhile I already know 11 stories with this locomotive.

There also exist a small fan-website of the Locomotive 1414 (german) from Volker Möll. He collects all people, who know the Locomotive 1414.

pictures of the Locomotive 1414 Tape-Covers.

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The stories here are ordered after there year, when the tapes were published.

tape story published
No. 1a Lok 1414 geht auf Urlaub
Locomotive 1414 goes on vacation
No. 1a/b Lok 1414 hat Geburtstag
Locomotive 1414 has birthday
No. 1b Lok 1414 im Wilden Westen
Locomotive 1414 in the Wild West
No. 2a Lok 1414 und die Geistermühle
Locomotive 1414 and the ghost mill
No. 2b Lok 1414 und die Schatzhöhle
Locomotive 1414 and the treasure cave
No. 3a Lok 1414 und das Wunderkind
Locomotive 1414 and the wonder-child
No. 3b Lok 1414 und das wildgewordene Nashorn
Locomotive 1414 and the wild-going rhinoceros
No. 4a Lok 1414 tritt im Zirkus auf
Locomotive 1414 acts in the circus
No. 4b Lok 1414 und der grüne Autobus
Locomotive 1414 and the green bus
No. 5a Lok 1414 und der fliegende Teppich
Locomotive 1414 and the flying carpet
No. 5b Lok 1414 lernt zaubern
Locomotive 1414 learns to do magic

The original book of Friedrich Feld about the Locomotive 1414 came out of the year 1948.

This first Story "Locomotive 1414 geht auf Urlaub" ("Locomotive 1414 goes on vacation") probably was published about 1959 as single record with a booklet to read along. In the beginning of the Sixties there followed two further stories - "Locomotive 1414 hat Geburtstag" ("Locomotive 1414 has birthday") and "Locomotive 1414 im Wilden Westen" ("Locomotive 1414 in the Wild West") - as single record with booklet as well, bit with an other speaker for the Locomotive 1414. In the end of the Sixties or in the beginning of the Seventies the three stories were combined as a triplet and published on record and tape.

After that in the years 1979 and 1980 another four records respectively tapes with eight new stories and new speakers were produced. Finally, some years later all eleven stories were reissued once again in an other counting order.

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