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A Photo of Adrian Plass. Sometime in the beginning of nineties my aunt gave me the "Tagebuch eines frommen Chaoten" (The Sacred Diary Of Adrian Plass (Aged 37 ¾)) of Adrian Plass (german). Long time it standed unread in the bookshelves. Until I found it again and read it the first time. I simply found/find the relaxed manner heart freshing, with which Plass writes about religion and its role in his life. His humor very often came out of situations with an extreme kind naïvety.

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The quoted years correspondent to the german copyright.

1) written together with his wife Bridget

Here the list of his books I have:

year german title original title
1990 Tagebuch eines frommen Chaoten The Sacred Diary Of Adrian Plass (Aged 37 ¾)
1991 Andromedas Briefe The Horizontal Epistles Of Andromeda Veal
1992 Die steile Himmelsleiter The Growing Up Pains Of Adrian Plass
1992 Ansichten aus Wolkenkuckucksheim View From A Bouncy Castle
1993 Die theatralischen Tonbänder des Leonard Thynn The Theatrical Tapes Of Leonard Thynn
1993 Ein Außerirdischer in Kirchenschiff An Alien In St. Wilfred's
1994 Warum es kein Verbrechen war, Onkel Reginald zu töten The Final Boundary
1995 Streß-Familie Robinson Stress Family Robinson
1996 O Herr, lass mich (k)ein Kohlkopf sein! Cabbages For The King
1996 Die rastlosen Reisen des frommen Chaoten The Sacred Diary Of Adrian Plass - Christian Speaker
1997 Und der Grashalm sprach ... Father To The Men
1997 Mr. Harpers Traum vom Leben Broken Windows, Broken Lifes
1998 Wenn ich einmal im Himmel bin ... no
1999 Adrians Extrablatt A Year At St. Yorik's
1999 Ein Haus voller Robinsons Stress Family's Birthday Party
2000 Warum ich Jesus folge Why I Follow Jesus
2001 Jesus kam bis Bangladesh 1) Colours Of Survival 1)

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