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A Photo of Stephen King. About 1992 I began to read the books of Stephen King. Meanwhile I have almost all of his novels and short stories that were published in Germany.

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The quoted years correspondent to the american copyright.

1) published under the pseudonym "Richard Bachmann"
2) co-written with Peter Straub
3) only published as Audio Book

Here the list of his books I have:

Year German Title original Title
1974 Carrie Carrie
1975 Brennen muss Salem Salem's Lot
1977 Amok 1) Rage 1)
1977 Shining The Shining
1978 Nachtschicht Night Shift
1978 The Stand - Das letzte Gefecht The Stand
1979 Dead Zone - Das Attentat The Dead Zone
1979 Todesmarsch 1) The Long Walk 1)
1980 Feuerkind Firestarter
1981 Cujo Cujo
1981 Danse Macabre Danse Macabre
1981 Sprengstoff 1) Roadwork 1)
1982 Der dunkle Turm: Schwarz The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
1982 Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Tod Different Seasons
1982 Menschenjagd 1) The Running Man 1)
1983 Christine Christine
1983 Friedhof der Kuscheltiere Pet Sematary
1984 Der Fluch 1) Thinner 1)
1984 Der Talisman 2) The Talisman 2)
1985 Der Werwolf von Tarker Mills Cycle Of The Werewolf
1985 Blut Skeleton Crew
1986 ES It
1987 Der dunkle Turm: Drei The Dark Tower: The Drawing Of The Three
1987 Die Augen des Drachen The Eyes Of The Dragon
1987 Sie Misery
1987 Das Monstrum - Tommyknockers The Tommyknockers
1989 Stark - The Dark Half The Dark Half
1990 Langoliers Four Past Midnight
1990 Nachts Four Past Midnight
1991 Der dunkle Turm: Tod The Dark Tower: Wastelands
1991 In einer kleinen Stadt Needful Things
1992 Dolores Dolores Clayborne
1993 Das Spiel Gerald's Game
1993 Alpträme Nightmares And Dreamscapes
1993 Abgrund Nightmares And Dreamscapes
1994 Schlaflos Insomnia
1995 Das Bild Rose Madder
1996 The Green Mile The Green Mile
1996 Desparation Desparation
1997 Regulator 1) The Regulators 1)
1997 Der dunkle Turm: Glas The Dark Tower: Wizard And Glass
1998 Sara Bag Of Bones
1999 Der Sturm des Jahrhunderts Storm Of The Century
1999 Atlantis Hearts in Atlantis
1999 Das Mädchen The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
2000 Achterbahn Riding The Bullet
2000 Das Leben und das Schreiben On Writing
2000 Blut und Rauch 3) Blood and Smoke 3)
2001 Duddits Dreamcatcher
2001 Das schwarze Haus 2) Black House 2)
2002 Der Buick From a Buick 8
2002 Im Kabinett des Todes Everything's Eventual
2003 Der dunkle Turm: Wolfsmond The dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla

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