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Naturally, I know some descendants of my first eponymous, own ancestor Georg Ssymank. These informations I substantially found out by interviewing several relatives. I would like to get more data.
Here you can visit the descendants of Georg Ssymank (born 1810) and his wife Christiane Schulze (born 1813).

Furthermore, there are some additional german lineages concerning the two big Symank-families in the USA, I have some informations about.
On one hand there is Georg Korch, whose son Paul, due to so far unknown reasons, married under the name Schatte and later took the name Symank, after having bought the big garden of a family named Simmank. This family came from Malschwitz. On the other hand there also is Hansz Symank, the progenitor of a broad descendancy in Nechern.
Here you can visit the descendants of Georg Korch (born the late 17. century), wife unknown.
Here you can visit the descendants of Hansz Symank (born about 1660), wife unknown.

Two other families came from near Lohsa. Admittedly, their village fell victim to the brown coal surface mining. One of the families spells themselves with a "G" at the end instead of "K" and with only one "M". On the other hand the second begins with a "SS" and has a "MM" likewise.
Here you can visit the descendants of Johann Symang (born the late 18. century) and his wife Hanne Pätschik.
Here you can visit the descendants of George Ssymmank (born 1823) and his wife Agnes Mattusch.

Probably, there are several mistakes and certainly a lot of gaps. Therefore, I would appreciate each correction or addition.

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