State constitutions concerning the
Sorbs (Wends)

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I collected some informations about the Sorbs and arranged them here.

Excerpts from the constitutions of Saxony and Brandenburg.

Additionally some more interesting links to internet pages about the Sorbs:

Excerpt from the constitution of the free state of Saxony concerning the sorbian people

Article 2
(1) The capital city of the Free State is Dresden.
(2) The state colours are white and green.
(3) The state coat of arms shows a field divided nine times into black on gold with a green diagonal lozenge to the right. The further details are stipulated by a law.
(4) In the area of Sorbian settlement, the Sorbian state colours and coat of arms,enjoy equal status to the State flag and the State coat of arms; in the Silesian part of the State, the colours and coat of arms of Lower Silesia enjoy equal status to the State flag and the State coat of arms.
Article 5
(1) The population of the Free State of Saxony is comprised of citizens of German, Sorbian and other nationalities. The state recognises the right to live in ones native country.
(2) The State guarantees and protects the rights of national and ethnic minorities of German nationality to preserve their identity, language, religion, culture and customs.
(3) The State respects the interests of foreign minorities legally resident in the State.
Article 6
(1) The citizens of Sorbian nationality who live in the State constitute an inherent part of the people of the State and enjoy equal rights with the remaining people of the State. The State guarantees and protects their right to preserve their identity and to preserve and develop their traditional language, culture and customs, in particular by way of schools, pre-school and cultural establishments.
(2) The necessities of the Sorbian people are to be taken into consideration in regional and local planning. The German-Sorbian character of the Sorbian ethnic group's area of settlement is to be maintained.
(3) The cooperation between Sorbs beyond the State boundaries, particularly in Upper and Lower Lausitz, is in the interests of the State.
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Excerpt from the constitution of the state of Brandenburg concerning the sorbian people

Section 4: Rights of the Sorbs (Wends)

Article 25
(1) The right of the Sorbian people to protect, preserve and maintain their national identity and their traditional area of settlement is guaranteed. The State, the local government authorities and municipal bodies shall promote the implementation of this nght, in particular supporting cultural independence and contributing towards effective political organisation of the Sorbian people.
(2) The State shall work towards securing cultural autonomy for the Sorbs beyond the State boundaries.
(3) The Sorbs possess the right to preserve and promote the Sorbian language and culture in public life and to teach the language at schools and nurseries.
(4) In the area of Sorbian settlement the Sorbian language is to be incorporated into official headings. The Sorbian flag has the colours blue, red and white.
(5) The organisation of the Sorbs' rights is regulated by a law. This law is to ensure that Sorbian representatives are involved in matters concerning the Sorbs, in particular legislation.
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